We operate the retreat with http://www.AirBnB.com as our booking agent for the lodging portion only.  It is much more affordable for you this way, and we are both covered by their insurance.  $80 per night. Look for Spa Life Meets The West.

Spa life meets the West

Basin, WY, United States

We have a full basement with 2 bedrooms with full size beds and a private bath w/ a shower. A living room with couch & Lazy Boy. Workout and spa room + sauna. Horse stables and dog kennels avail…






Prices vary for add-ons for special sessions of  Reiki, Authentic Touch, Horse Lessons etc. Please see the MENU to design your package.

Please sign up with Air BnB to reserve your retreat times.  Air BnB handles the lodging fee with all major credit cards.

If signing up via Airbnb you will pay Airbnb up front. We are flexible with cancellations.  We do not get paid by Air BnB until you arrive.

Meals will be added extra and paid for at the end of your stay.  $5 per meal, including cleanses.  Drinks are free, including Coffee, Tea, Kangen Water, Kombucha and juice. We accept checks and cash for this portion of payment.  If using a credit card a 3% fee of the total will be added on.

The closest Airports are Worland, WY or Cody, WY.  The closest major airline is in Billings, MT.  If you need picked up and dropped off from Billings it is an extra $100 each way – $50 from Cody and Worland.  Rental Cars are available at each airport.  Arrangements should be made in advance with the Worland and Cody Airports.

If you would like to make a reservation or have any questions please contact us.

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