Natural Horsemanship

During your stay you are welcomed to request Natural Horsemanship Riding Lessons from our own Horse Whisperer Mitch Shelhamer.

Private Lessons are two hours in duration and are $50


When I met Mitch Shelhamer I was quite a novice to the horse world. I was also in great need of a good farrier. My husband’s horse had an injured foot and I was scared silly of my horse (which took all the fun out of it). I had wanted to have a horse and learn how to ride since I was a little girl, but it wasn’t turning out the way I had dreamed it.

As Mitch took care of the injured horse and trimmed and shoed our other horses, he proceeded to give me tips and share his horse knowledge with me, which I eagerly soaked up.   As we talked, I told him that I wanted to find someone who could give me lessons because I was not only trying to learn how to ride, but felt that I needed to train my horse in the process (which I didn’t know how to do). Mitch casually said “well I could give you some lessons” and I quickly took him up on the offer.

After I took one lesson with my horse, Mitch informed me that this horse would hurt me one day and I would be smart to look for a different one. Mitch not only helped me search for another horse, but he went along with me to look at the horse I wanted to buy. We decided on the gentle horse I have now, and I was able to begin my lessons. Even though I felt I kept making the same mistakes in the beginning, Mitch was very patient with me and I became more confident with each lesson. I still have a long way to go, but thanks to Mitch I have overcome my fear and I enjoy riding again! My childhood dream has come true!

Gina F. Worland, Wyoming

I met Mitch a couple of years ago when he was highly recommended to me for corrective shoeing for my horse, who had had ring bone surgery.  I knew when I first talked to him, Mitch was the guy for the job.  He has a quiet confidence, doesn’t over-talk his abilities, just gets right to work and shows you that he knows what he is doing.  I liked him immediately.
After getting hurt when I came off my younger horse, my confidence was shattered.  I loved my horse and didn’t want to give up on him, or myself,  but I knew I needed help with him.
Just any trainer wouldn’t do – I wanted someone who cared about my horse and would be able to work with me at the same time.  Watching and listening to Mitch work with my horses, I trusted him.   I asked him if he would be willing to help me out.  With absolutely NO hesitation, Mitch said yes and started working with us (me and Fritz).
Showing me how to work with my horse on the ground, Mitch started my healing process.  Everything he did with Fritz, he explained to me – not just “how” but more importantly the “why”.   Never judging or condemning, Mitch has a natural way of connecting and correcting – with both horse and rider.
 I remember when Mitch told me that he wants everyone to have a positive experience/relationship with their horse, and to do that, you and your horse have to feel safe.  Mitch worked with Fritz and showed me the benefits of desensitizing him with bags, noise, and rope – all around, on and under every part of Fritz’s body.  Well, it wasn’t long after we started with Mitch that my horse got into a situation in the corral, that could have gotten him into some trouble.  I had put up a “hot” fence to keep him off some rotting boards until I could get them replaced.   Fritz couldn’t resist the temptation of the green grass on the other side and when he realized the fence was no longer “biting” him, he pushed through and got his back legs tangled in the line.  Instead of panicking, he waited (quietly) until I found him, after dark, to help him.  He was calm and gentle, allowing me to detangle him and I actually had to lead him away so that he knew he wasn’t in the line anymore.  I thanked God and I thanked Mitch right there in the darkness of the corral.  The work Mitch showed us of “desensitizing” paid off and, yes, I hugged Fritz and cried.
Mitch’s ability to “feel” both Fritz’s and my insecurities and build us up, showing us how to trust each other, has been life-changing for me.  We continue to work with Mitch and I value him for his horse and human knowledge as much as I value him as a friend to me and my horses.
Lisa Collen
Ten Sleep, WY