Meditation Labyrinth

Our wonderful Labyrinth is 46 feet in diameter and is incredibly calming for as simplistic as it is.


Labyrinths are for a walking meditation through a maze like pattern.  Ours is a seven circuit pattern winding to the center as you come into yourself while losing your direction, then finding your way out through the same path you came in on.

The entrance/exit points north and you see the beautiful Big Horn Mountains when you emerge.


 The Labyrinth is open year round during daylight hours.  Some special events we will have the Labyrinth open and lit at night.

Please contact us if you would like to be informed when we have special Labyrinth ceremonies.

The Labyrinth is Always open to the public.  Please sign the journal located in the swing

Dec. 5, 2015

I felt a certain level of anxiety upon arriving at Serenity Retreat located in Basin, Wyoming, belonging to Mitch & Suzi Shelhamer. Stepping out of my car I was immediately greeted by Mitch with a welcoming hug and an offer to take my bag. The house is warm, cozy and inviting. The smell of essential oils & coffee fills the air.

Here comes Suzi, boisterous and full of life, (one of the many reasons I was drawn to her), just finishing a detox massage on a friend. We hug and head outside to check on the dogs she is caring for. Headed for the kennel, she stops and shows me her Labyrinth she has built. Covered in snow except two sets of footprints, it beckons to me. Explaining to me I must take a deep breath before I start, leave whatever is weighing on me in the center, and ring the beautiful bell put up especially for this when I finish.

Ok, simple enough. I can definitely stand to stretch my legs after the long drive. Grateful I have a sweater and boots on I begin following the sets of prints. It is a balmy 10 degrees tonight and getting colder by the minute. The snow feels thick and heavy but I’m happy for the fresh air. As I wind on the path I feel myself becoming slightly aggravated that I have to stay on the pathway. I’m going around in what seems like circles. I fight the urge to cut through the snow and cheat myself from finishing. It’s definitely getting colder and I’m actually a little dizzy from looking down at my feet.

I know what I intend to leave in the middle, I knew the very second the suggestion left Suzi’s lips and into my waiting ears. Motivation to keep on the path. Reaching the center I feel relief as I not only “left” my worries there, I took the innermost private struggle of my soul that has been weighing on me for over 2 years, and kicked it’s ass onto the unblemished snow in the center.

Walking away as I unwound myself out of this Labyrinth in beautiful Wyoming I smile to my soul. Grabbing the cold iron tong, I hit that bell creating a deep magical sound on this winter’s night. I hear Suzi from the kennel. She’s saying, “Wow, that gave me goosebumps!” Me too. This is going to be a good trip.

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