Online and In Person Healthy Weight Personal Training

The Tried and True – with a twist or two!

Initial Visit

We will discuss your goals, set backs, and wins!

We will track current weight and inches.

We will talk about eating program (but not too much – secret weapon coming).

We will discuss Hydration, Food Journaling, and Exercise.


ONLINE -The Support-

We will do a 20 minute face-time, zoom, or live messenger workout together 3 days a week, no equipment needed.

I will recommend several different (free) apps to keep you motivated, hydrated and on task.

IN PERSON – Additional ‘Tech’ Support – The Secret Weapon

Sauna, Braintap, Lasers. Theraplate Workouts (30% more of a workout)

BioPulsar Hand Scan

This program is geared toward each persons Individual Needs, In a Naturopathic Style.  We recognize  not everyone is the same and that you’ve probably tried every option out there in the past.  Maybe you just need a workout partner, or some guidance in the nutrition area, or you really want to meditate but have trouble keeping the mind focused.

You might not shred the weight immediately, but you will do it consistently and getting your mind on board is the big secret.  You will Love yourself, and treat your body with kindness, and your mind will be reprogrammed for a shift in the destructive thinking that blesses you with extra unwanted pounds.

All of this we can do over email, and not suck up too much of your time, and to be respectful of each others schedules.  I will be here for you for Emotional Support as well with Messenger, or Texting and you’re going to be thrilled with your results!