Shaman Marie

How I met Shaman Marie

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I was having acupuncture in Worland when my phone rang.  Normally I would not answer under something so relaxing and healing going on, but I did.  It was Marie and she wanted to know if she could drive a very large vehicle into our driveway and get turned around if she came to our labyrinth.  She is a Labyrinth Lover, enthusiast, creator, and one who totally understands the healing power of Panchamama (Mother Earth) and energy creations like the labyrinth.


Shaman Marie studied in Peru under Dr. Alberto Villodolo.

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She will be visiting from Minnesota and will be here for several days before the retreat and will be offering her services here. She will also lead the drum circle and bless the new Infinity Path and guide us in the walking meditation on Sunday.  Shaman Marie envisioned the Infinity Path here, and helped co-create this retreat in it’s early blossoming stages.
I am so grateful we met each other through the Labyrinth Locator. The Labyrinth has attracted several deep heart connection friends, I cannot express the immense gratitude for the gifts of these friendships.
More information about her services below.

A letter from Shaman Marie

It’s an honor to be at Suzi’s Divine, Cosmic spring retreat with Dee and all the others
It is a very amazing time to be alive.  We have passed through the doorway of 2019 and have entered into Spring. HOORAY!!  
Are You Ready for the Remainder of 2019?
  Have you planted your seeds to fulfill your dreams and wishes for 2019 and Beyond?
Let’s meet up at Suzi’s retreat, harness the energies,and align with magnetic
North to get on target with your dreams, aspirations, and goals.
I have  always been a curious adventurer throughout life, trying many types of careers and have degrees in education and occupational therapy.  Off the beaten path, I have trained in Swedish Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral, Reflexology, Yoga, Labyrinths, Drumming, and Shamanic Energy Work. All of these modalities have helped along my path, however it has been through the shamanic energy training from the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo (psychologist and medical anthropologist) that has had the most profound impact upon my life. I can now honestly say that I have joy, happiness, and fulfillment in my heart, mind and soul. No longer am I bogged down with stress, trauma, fear, nor fatigue.

Services Offered at the Retreat

I will be offering an illumination technique ($50.00 retreat special) which will clear unwanted imprints or stuck, sluggish energy in one’s luminous energy field which will be followed by an illumination to replace the dense energy with light. Watch a brief video demonstrating an Illumination performed by Dr. Alberto Villoldo
In this video, Dr. Ablerto Villoldo demonstrates the Illumination, the foundational shamanic healing technique taught in the Light Body School which clears a…
Additionally, I will be offering the following in either solo or group format:
Ceremony for trauma, sadness, grief (20.00)
Despacho (prayer bundle) ($20.00) See a demonstration of a despacho with the video below.
Shaman Jon Rasmussen shares insights from Peru. A single session with Jon for individuals, couples, families, or groups is life changing, clarifying, and min…

If you are interested in reading more… here you go…

I love yoga,  meditation, energy medicine, being outdoors, hiking, backpacking, camping, travel, geocaching, exploring, bicycling, canoeing, walking labyrinths, listening to sounds of nature and just being.
Adventures I have taken part in include: cross country bicycle tour from Seattle to Boston, another bike tour from Canada down into California, canoeing and portaging in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA), backpacking the Lake Superior Hiking Trail solo and backpacking in Europe solo. I have completed three 10 day silent meditation retreats through Vipassana Meditation and a 30 day silent retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius at Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House.
My next pilgrimage of choice from the bucket list is to hike the Camino de Santiago Trail and to walk the labyrinth in the Chartes Cathedral in Chartes, France, which is along the Santiago Trail. With my love of travel, I would love to guide you on a tour of your choice. Incorporated into the travel experience would be activities of your choice: yoga, meditation, labyrinths, bicycling, etc.
With Pleasure, I look forward to meeting all of you,
In Gratitude, Marie