Clean Eating

While at Serenity Wellness Retreat you will do a delicious Aryurvedic cleanse. Aryurveda is the science / medicinal side of the yogic lifestyle.  Basically your pipes will be very clean when you leave. You won’t want to eat garbage afterwards because you will love the new lightness you feel in your gut.  Your bloating will be gone and you will learn how foods high in alkaline keep your systems working at their optimum levels.

We will start the day with oatmeal or rice and fruits.

The main dish of the day is comfort food Kitchari. It’s a mixture of organic basmati rice and yellow mung dal beans mixed with spices that is the key for cleansing.  Our products come from Banyan Botanicals. Learn more about Kitchari here. Ayurvedic Cleanse

Also you will drink Kangen Water and drink a lovely detoxing tea throughout the day. Kangen Water is high alkaline water that raises your pH.  You will be properly hydrated and we will measure your hydration (water percentage) with our Fit Scan when you arrive and before you leave to notice changes.

Before you arrive we will ask you about any allergies you have and we ask that you take the What’s My Constitution Quiz on Bayan Botanicals and share your results with us so we can customize your yoga and cleanse for greater results.

Suzi is a Vata, Pitta, Kapha Dosha.   Mitch is a Pitta, Vata, Kapha Dosha. It’s interesting to learn your own.

Self Knowledge Brings Happiness