Private Rooms

Relaxing Private Living Room


 During your stay at Serenity Wellness Retreat, you will enjoy the entire basement as your refuge.  There are 2 bedrooms with comfy full size beds.  There is a 3/4 bath including a shower.  A laundry Room and the Spa Room and Yoga Studio are all downstairs.  Meals will be served upstairs and shared ‘family style’ where will can connect with each other.


The Cozy ‘Paul Newman Room’



Guests sleep very sound in the basement. An earthy feel that reminds many of ‘Sleeping at Grandmas’, or ‘Like a ROCK’. It’s the knowing you have unplugged and can truly REST and RELAX.

Feel free to pick what you do during your stay, join us in yoga, sweat it out in the sauna, have an essential oil massage, Reiki for your inner energy, go for a hike, meditate in the labyrinth or have a riding lesson.   Perhaps just relax in your room with your journal and a cup of tea.

The Wagon at Serenity

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