Equine Yoga – Natural Horsemenship


If you would like to get put on our mailing list for the NEXT CLINIC, please see the contact page.  Also, if you have 4 – 5 friends who you would like to have a private session we can make that possible.

Size is limited to 7 yoga students.  We will  accept  a few rider only students as well.   Preferably bring your own horse.


We will start the day off with Pranayama (yogic breathing), then some gentle yoga to warm up our joints and muscles, followed by meditation.  We will then walk the Labyrinth and have a mindful lunch that is provided.

Changing into riding gear (Western or English, whichever you prefer, proper boots are a must) we will practice groundwork with our breathing and connecting with your horse energetically, then moving  the horses in the arena.  We will apply our new knowledge and connect with our horses.  Yoga (yug) means to connect.  We will Connect to our horses breathing, movements and minds.  We aim to become one with them in these exercises.


This class is perfect for those who have had an unpleasant experience with a horse in the past and are over coming fear.  Also for those new to riding, and for those who are getting to know their horse on a deeper level, and greatly improve their riding skills by learning this new form of communication with their horse.



Private Lessons


Mitch gives private lessons to help reestablish trust in rider and mount.

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