BioPulsar Reflexograph

Organ Vitality Scan/Chakra/Aura

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The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® system is a biofeedback tool that gives scientific information and objective interpretations for the full body and it’s electromagnetic field and seven major energy centers. The Biopulsar technology incorporates several proven sciences such as biofeedback, neuroscience, reflexology, kinesiology, palmistry and body and colour languages to name a few, making it the most advanced bioenergetics technology in the world!

Accessing the “real-time” energetic information in a few different formats allows the practitioner to instantly analyze the patient on a holistic level–not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Formats illustrated on screen include organ graphs, colour organ analysis of the reflex zones, full & half body biofield pictures and chakra analysis. 

The hand sensor is a receiver for high resolution biomedical signals, which are taken every 500 milliseconds from the reflex zones of the palm. Once the hand is placed on the sensor board, the specific biofeedback parameters are measured on each reflex zone in real time with raster scan. This technology allows us to see the energy vitality of your organs and offers great insight to your health.

The bioenergetical analysis of 46 organ/system zones is compiled into a graph for easy reference as to the vitality of the organs. The graph allows us to closely monitor the vitality of the organs and suggest appropriate therapies and nutrition to bring the specific organ back into balance.


BioPulsar Handplate

Chakras – The Basics


The chakras are located in the aura. This word derives from Sanscrit and means “energy wheel”. The chakras are made of subtle energy and are non-visible energy transformers, which are located in the different auric dimensions.

They coordinate the interaction of energies, which are formed by the consciousness. This is a complex and complicated management of frequencies. The chakras have a similar function like an electric power station. They are transformers, which process all energies coming from the spiritual realm and transform them down to the lower astral bodies.

The chakras consist of pure light energies, which radiate permanently energies onto the different auric bodies. Due to the forces of the Kundalini power a chakra is permanently spinning and in action.

If the spinning flow of a chakra is blocked it shows in a blockage of the aura. The person is then suffering, sick and has many psychological problems.

Each chakra has a certain function and is constructed according to its duty.

The lower chakras, like the root- or the sexual-chakra are constructed in their function more simple and they possess less energy spokes. The higher chakras have manifold and more complicated duties to fulfil and therefore they own more spokes. The duty of a chakra is:

  • to keep control over the energy flow
  • to attract certain energy
  • to block – according to the negative energies, which are flowing into the chakra.

A blockage is expressed in many pains in the physical as well as psychological body.
Each chakra is also the domicile for certain elements, the physical and the spiritual body are made of.
As to Ayurveda and Chinese medical philosophy a disharmony of elements also shows itself in the meridian flow and the reflex zones.

BioPulsar energy readings are $35.