Winter Retreat 2017


January 14th and 15th 2017

Restart the new year fresh!

A perfect getaway to reclaim your vitality and nurture your body, mind and soul in a relaxing, fun, and informative environment.  You will learn:

  • Tips for strengthening your immune system
  • Techniques for stress reduction
  • Gentle Yoga practice
  • Ayurvedic principles to help you support your individual needs
  • Mindful eating practices
  • Mindfulness techniques, yogic breathing, and healthy meditations
  • Tools for letting go of the small stuff and embracing your life and well being

A healthy lunch will be provided.  For those staying at the retreat for the second day;  dinner will be provided that night then you will be invited to join us in with ‘Bhakti Yoga Live in Wyoming???’ Sunday morning, and enjoy community breakfast, a lodging fee will be added on.  There is only space for 2 parties in the main house, and one party in the cabin up to two people.

$45 for all day Saturday retreat

$85 for both days lodging and 2 extra meals…first come first serve.

Please contact us directly to sign up.