About Us

IMG_3574Located at the base of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains in North Central Wyoming, Serenity Wellness Retreat is very personal, relaxing and offers many forms of rejuvenation.

Mitch and Suzi Shelhamer open their large and calming home to you to get away from ‘it all’.  Why did we decide to open our home to you?  Because we love to serve people and animals.  We understand the difference of busy crazy lives and living in peace and harmony.  We want to share our knowledge of healthy eating, yoga, and  mindfulness with you to better your lives in the future.






Suzi is a Yoga Instructor and Reiki Massage Therapist.  Also a dog lover, Suzi runs the kennel side of Serenity, and paints pet portraits




Mitch is a horseman.  This is slightly different from a cowboy, as Mitch understands horses on all levels, and is gentle and kind to the horse, bringing about trust and release from them.  Incorporated into your stay you will come away from Serenity with a deeper appreciation for horses, and their healing abilities.



We run our home as a Bed and Breakfast in the summer with a company called Air BnB.   Most of our guests are just staying for one night on their way in between Yellowstone National Park and Mt. Rushmore.  All our reviews from our guests and comments are kind and positive wishing to stay longer, feeling so relaxed, and sleeping so well.  They will rest their weary car driving bodies on the Theraplate, sit in the Sauna, drink a cup of bedtime tea, and come upstairs in the morning for a healthy breakfast with the greatest looks on their faces.  Some go to Yoga with us, and others just walk around the ranch petting horses and meeting critters.

We enjoy the interaction with our guests so much and want to keep the house going in the off season but aimed more towards healing souls, and bodies and relieving minds.  Our Equine part of the program is very helpful for those who have had an unpleasant experience with horses in the past, and trying to regain trust with them.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Suzi did a three day detox on me. This included the tap essential oil massage and sauna. What a wonderful experience! I feel great! You always get more than you pay for with mitch and Suzi. We drank tea, solar water and talked of happiness. It is so refreshing to be around like minded people, with positive outlooks on life. They couldn’t have picked a better name,because you do feel the serenity! If you’re looking for detox, yoga or just need a peaceful retreat, this IS the place to be. Very kind people that leave judgement at the door….come as you are! I love you guys to the moon and back!


  2. Boy oh boy and I in need on just what you have here at your retreat! The stress these days…..
    Considering our Wyoming weather, is the retreat a year round offering?


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