Dee Connexion Retreat April 2019

Shaman Marie, Dee Godere, Mary McFarlane – Jonelle Pollock

Shaman Marie giving treatments in the Grounding Room

International Hoof Care Summit 2019 Presenters

Winter Retreat 2017 – Radiant Health




Mindful Eating in a Silent Lunch.  Everyone did so well and digestion was up 70%!

We enjoyed a Ginger Pickle before our meal  to build an agni fire for digestion.

Two soups were served.  Creamed Cauliflower and White Bean, and Haitian Heaven veggie stew  as seen in this months Yoga Journal.

Naan Bread with parsley and chive dipping oil, and Cloud Bread for our GF friends and Chywanaprash to top it, and Nut Cream Parfait with blueberries and granola on top for dessert.  Afterwards we walked with Awareness in the snow, and what we could in the Labyrinth.


After lunch we learned about Ama, Agni, Ojas and Radiant Health.  Followed by restorative Yoga and story time about living in the present moment.

Mmmmm Restorative Yoga


Dedicated Yogi Loren drove his snowmobile to the retreat because he was snowed in at home.  Turned into a beautiful day!