Shaman Marie

How I met Shaman Marie

I was having acupuncture in Worland when my phone rang.  Normally I would not answer under something so relaxing and healing going on, but I did.  It was Marie and she wanted to know if she could drive a very large vehicle into our driveway and get turned around if she came to our labyrinth.  She is a Labyrinth Lover, enthusiast, creator, and one who totally understands the healing power of Panchamama (Mother Earth) and energy creations like the labyrinth.


Shaman Marie studied in Peru under Dr. Alberto Villodolo.

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She will be visiting from Minnesota and will be here for several days before the retreat and will be offering her services here. She will also lead the drum circle and bless the new Infinity Path and guide us in the walking meditation on Sunday.  Shaman Marie envisioned the Infinity Path here, and helped co-create this retreat in it’s early blossoming stages.
I am so grateful we met each other through the Labyrinth Locator. The Labyrinth has attracted several deep heart connection friends, I cannot express the immense gratitude for the gifts of these friendships.
More information about her services coming soon.
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