Mary McFarlane

How I met Mary

We had an amazing healers and alternative health gathering in Basin in 2016 called Awaken to Alternatives.  Luckily our table was set up close to hers and we watched people come lay on her bio mat and receive Healing Touch from her.  Then we got to experience it, and I can tell you I’ve never FELT someone’s healing energy from a distance like I felt hers.  Just like those static balls where you FEEL energy.


Energy like that directed with the loving intention to HEAL is what makes Mary very powerful and good at what she does.  I nick named her the ‘Healer’s Healer’.  We are lucky she is so close here in Cody.


A Note from Mary

Mary McFarlane, RN, HTP

Dear beautiful people, I am blessed that Suzi asked me to share my work at her retreat. I am humbled to be at this high vibrational retreat with Dee and other workers.

My training in energy therapy is from the Healing Touch Program, a bio-field (magnetic field around the body) therapy that is energy based approach to health and healing. My sessions always start with the basics: opening and balancing chakras and hara clearing.  I have had advanced training in many techniques including back chakra therapy, extradimensional healing and more. The goal of this work is to support the client in: clearing, releasing and recalibrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level at a higher frequency. It is highly relaxing and non-invasive. I work with hands above the body or light hands on the body.

For those that want, essential oils are used. The biomat is included in each session. Biomat is made up of a bed of amethyst crystals and a layer of tourmaline (negative ions) as part of its 7 layers. I am offering a reduced rate of $50 for an hour session.

I look forward to meeting all of you.

Love and Light, Mary

Mary McFArlane