About Dee

How I met God

I met Dee 2 years ago after the women’s retreat I facilitated in Puget Sound. After we got off the ferry back on the mainland my dear friend Connie and I were strolling down an old town tourist area and outside a crystal shop is a sign- ‘Intuitive Readings Inside’. Well I’m all about that, so we went in.
I met with Dee, and so did Connie. All I can say is that it was more profound than anything I had ever felt. I told Connie afterward I felt like we had just met God – and she said, ‘I KNOW!’
The next day we were leaving to the airport and in Connie’s car was Dee’s business card. I said, ‘Oh man, look at her last name – it’s GOD!’
Dee and I have been in touch ever since and I even included her work in my book. Last year I delivered her a copy of the book, and it was again magical to be in her presence.
So I am bringing her here to Basin to meet YOU!
dee my friends
Dee is from Montreal, Canada and resides in WA now. Her history is amazing and includes working with Cirque du Soleil, opportunities with Oprah, Janet Jackson, and The Canadian Security Intelligence Service. These are just a few I know of. Her story is amazing and you can hear it at the retreat.
Also, she has an adorable French accent that’s smooth as silk, I just love to listen to her.


Intuitive Guide and Mentor



Dee’s role as intuitive guide and mentor is to empower people to make successful, productive choices based on integrity and focused intention.  A native of Montreal, Canada, Dee has been a mentor and a coach for professional athletes, business and entertainment industry professionals for thirty years. Dee developed her own teaching style that incorporates physical movement, breath, meditation or music, depending on her client’s needs.

Dee holds a diploma in Applied Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology as well as various certifications as a sport coach & hypnotherapist.  Dee works with professionals in Seattle, Los Angeles and Montreal.

What Dee is bringing to you at the Dee Connexion Retreat

From Dee-
During this powerful Life Shifting Retreat, you are guaranteed to experience (receive) and integrate how to –
  • Understand how to activate intuitive insights and knowledge
  • Understand how to recognize patterns and symbolic information to guide personal and professional choices
  • Understand how to use universal archetypes to provide insight into their own personal and professional relationships
  • Feel empowered to create a plan for fulfillment and success
*Being attuned to the Divine within you through the Power of intention & meditation.
*Explore your own karma patterns & lessons to integrate
*Take your spiritual life into an entirely new dimension as you unlock or (integrate) the key of this powerful scripture.
*Personal transformation for a lifetime.
*Tap into your intuition as it is a faculty deeper than thought to clear inner karmic of what is true.
*Integrate powerful keys/laws of the Universe to empower your highest potential.
* Enhance mental clarity, inner peace, creativity, physical health, rejuvenating, make it yours!
*Expand your consciousness
*Enhance your ability to integrate information derived through intuition, inspiration & revelation into conscious awareness.
*As you move through this unique & powerful range of experience & perspective, you feel, know, understand & become consciously present with the oneness that is within you and the oneness of your environment, world and universe.