Dee Connexion Retreat April 27th-28th 2019

Serenity Wellness Retreat is  pleased to present our friend who we lovingly call ‘God’, Dee Godere, pronounced God-here.  Come FEEL her ‘Connexion’, FEEL the Vibration of her Highest Frequency, and learn to attract  Abundance and Prosperity in all Spheres of YOUR LIFE.


April 27th-28th 2019 in Basin,Wyoming.  An all day retreat Saturday at the Basin City Arts Center.  Saturday night and half day Sunday at Serenity Wellness Retreat.

This retreat is: for anyone who wants to dive in deep and come up empowered! Dee uses fun, simple and extremely effective methods to empower her clients.  Her mentoring style is based on KIFS (Keeping it Fun and Simple), which is great for those who want to enhance an already full life!

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT:  An overall feeling of PEACE and INNER WELLNESS just by meeting Dee.  Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing Practitioners, Sound Meditation, Organic Nourishment, Ecstatic Dancing, Drum Circle (bring your drum, rattle etc..), Bonfire, Labyrinth and Silence.  (As time gets closer we will create a schedule.)

WHAT YOU WILL TAKE AWAY: An increase in your vibrational frequency which will attract abundance and prosperity to you.  A new language technique that resonates on the positive energetic realm.  A stretched and lengthened feeling, creating space in your body from yoga, and a peace in your mind from meditation and walking meditation.  New friendships will form, and you will feel rejuvenated from connecting to nature, and going within yourself.

LODGING: is free at Serenity for Campers: RVs and brave tent campers (chilly nights) are welcome.  There are no hook ups.  There will be extra porta-potties available.  There are nearby towns 3.5 miles in either direction with hotels in Basin and more options in Greybull, WY.

The two day event will include a wonderful organic lunch and a light dinner on Saturday.  Organic fruit, coffee and tea available Sunday morning.

RETREAT FEE: $150 this can be paid in two payments, early deposits are strongly suggested.  This will help us to get an idea of how much food to buy.  Click here to save your space with a deposit: $75

Or pay in full here: $150

Or send a check to: Serenity Wellness Retreat

380 US HWY 20 South, Basin, WY 82410

Private Sessions with Dee are as follows:

Please call ahead with your intentions for setting up a session with Dee while she is here.

Other Presenters at the Retreat:

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Mary McFArlaneHealing Touch Practitioner Mary McFarlane

Singing Bowls Jonelle Pollock7FD01FEE-FE64-4F4E-B193-498ED48B4FB8

Grounds Map


More information of what to expect:

  • Understand how to activate intuitive insights and knowledge
  • Understand how to recognize patterns and symbolic information to guide personal and professional choices
  • Understand how to use universal archetypes to provide insight into their own personal and professional relationships
  • Feel empowered to create a plan for fulfillment and success
From Dee-
During this powerful Life Shifting Retreat, you are guaranteed to experience (receive)
*Being attuned to the Divine within you through the Power of intention & meditation.
*Explore your own karma patterns & lessons to integrate
*Take your spiritual life into an entirely new dimension as you unlock or (integrate) the key of this powerful scripture.
*Personal transformation for a lifetime.
*Tap into your intuition as it is a faculty deeper than thought to clear inner karmic of what is true.
*Integrate powerful keys/laws of the Universe to empower your highest potential.
* Enhance mental clarity, inner peace, creativity, physical health, rejuvenating, make it yours!
*Expand your consciousness
*Enhance your ability to integrate information derived through intuition, inspiration & revelation into conscious awareness.
*As you move through this unique & powerful range of experience & perspective, you feel, know, understand & become consciously present with the oneness that is within you and the oneness of your environment, world and universe.